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2019Alcohol use, high risk behaviors, and experiences of discrimination among transgender women in the Dominican RepublicHearld, K. R.; Milner, A. N.; Budhwani, H.; Abreu, Nicole; Rodríguez-Lauzurique, Rosa Mayra; Charow, Rebecca; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertJournal Article
2019Human T-cell lymphotropic virus 1/2 and human immunodeficiency virus antibodies identification among transactional sex workers and drug users in the Dominican RepublicPaulino-Ramírez, Robert; Tapia-Barredo, Leandro; Ruiz-Matuk, Carlos B.; Charow, Rebecca; Budhwani, H.; Routy, J. P.Journal Article
2017Transgender women's drug use in the Dominican RepublicBudhwani, H.; Hearld, K. R.; Milner, A. N.; McGlaughlin, E.; Rodríguez-Lauzurique, Rosa Mayra; Charow, Rebecca; Rosario, Santo; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertJournal Article
2017Transgender women's experiences with stigma, trauma, and attempted suicide in the Dominican RepublicBudhwani, H.; Hearld, K. R.; Milner, A. N.; Charow, Rebecca; McGlaughlin, E.; Rodríguez-Lauzurique, Rosa Mayra; Rosario, Santo; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertJournal Article