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2018Monitoring hepatitis B and C infections among HIV patients: a proposed model for a cascade of care in viral hepatitis in the Dominican Republic [poster]Tapia-Barredo, Leandro; Peña, Paola; Matos, Y.; Valerio, K.; Muñoz, M.; Ledesma, J.; Jiménez, M.; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertConference Poster
2022Morphological findings in early cardiac deaths and obtaining genetic material for SNP characterizationBenítez-Abreu, Arismendy; Sánchez-Marte, Estefani; Suero Guzmán, Claudia; Calderón, V.; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertConference Poster
2019Neurologic injuries following road traffic accidents in the Dominican Republic: Examining causes and potential solutionsReddy, S.; Walsh, M. S.; Paulino-Ramírez, Robert; Florenzán, J.; Fernández, J.; Nwariaku, F. E.; Abdelnaby, A.Journal Article
2021Psychological responses to the COVID-19 outbreak are related to trust in public institutions: Implications for management of emerging infectious diseasesMencía-Ripley, Aída; Paulino-Ramírez, Robert; Féliz-Matos, Leandro; Ruíz-Matuk, Carlos B.; Sánchez-Vincitore, Laura V.Journal Article
2021A public value crisis model approach to COVID-19 outbreak control in the Dominican RepublicBáez, A. A.; Paulino-Ramírez, Robert; Ruíz-Matuk, Carlos B.; Ruiz De León, Ingrid C.; Sánchez María, Eric; Tapia-Barredo, LeandroPreprint
2019Quality of life and nutritional status in diabetic patients on hemodialysisCepeda-Marte, Jenny L.; Javier, A.; Ruíz-Matuk, Carlos B.; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertJournal Article
2021Reported sexual risk behavior modifications among Persistent HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis clients in the Dominican RepublicTapia-Barredo, Leandro; Reyes Bacha, D.; Rodríguez-Lauzurique, Rosa M.; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertConference Paper
2021Una revisión sobre genética inmunológica y su relación con susceptibilidad a la tuberculosis latenteCampaña Muñoz, José Miguel; Vallejo Degaudenzi, Alejandro G.; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertConference Paper
2021Rol de la academia en la respuesta a crisis sanitarias: estudio de caso de UNIBEMencía-Ripley, Aída; Paulino-Ramírez, Robert; Féliz-Matos, LeandroConference Paper
2020SARS-CoV-2 and HIV: Convergence of two pandemics in the CaribbeanPaulino-Ramírez, RobertJournal Article
2019Schistosomiasis mansoni in La Hispaniola: revisiting a neglected tropical disease in the CaribbeanDelgadillo, Miguel Andrés; Tapia, Leandro; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertConference Poster
2022Serological confirmed syphilis among transgender women in Dominican RepublicPaulino-Ramírez, Robert; Hearld, K. R.; Butane, S. A.,; Tapia-Barredo, Leandro; Budhwani, H.,; Naar, S.; Rodriguez-Lauzurique, Rosa MayraJournal Article
2021Seroprevalence and trends of HTLV-1/2 among blood donors of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2012-2017Eusebio-Ponce, Emiliana; Candel, F. J.; Paulino-Ramírez, Robert; Serrano-García, I.; Anguita, E.Journal Article
2020Seroprevalence of specific antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 from hotspot communities in the Dominican RepublicPaulino-Ramírez, Robert; Báez, A. A.; Vallejo Degaudenzi, Alejandro G.; Tapia-Barredo, LeandroJournal Article
2019Sex work, social support, and stigma: Experiences of transgender women in the Dominican RepublicMilner, A. N.; Hearld, K. R.; Abreu, Nicole; Budhwani, H.; Rodríguez-Lauzurique, Rosa Mayra; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertJournal Article
2015Short Communication: HIV-1 Subtype B in the Dominican Republic: Evolution and Molecular EpidemiologyLópez, P.; Rivera-Amill, V.; Paulino-Ramírez, Robert; Yamamura, Y.Journal Article
2015Specific neutralizing antibody detection against chikungunya virus in HIV-positive and HIV-negative individuals, Dominican Republic 2014 [abstract]Lockhart, Paola; Gómez, Natalia; Paulino-Ramírez, Robert; Puello, A.Conference Poster
2015Specific neutralizing antibody detection against chikungunya virus in HIV-positive and HIV-negative individuals, Dominican Republic 2014 [poster]Lockhart, Paola; Gómez, Natalia; Puello, A.; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertConference Poster
2018Spread, circulation and predominance of chikungunya virus East/Central/South African genotype in Northeast and Southeast BrazilRibas Freitas, A. R.; Paulino-Ramírez, Robert; Nogueira Angerami, R.; Alarcón-Elbal, Pedro MaríaPreprint
2021Transgender women in Dominican Republic: HIV, stigma, substances, and sex workBudhwani, H.; Hearld, K. R.; Butame, S. A.; Naar, S.; Tapia-Barredo, Leandro; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertJournal Article