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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021Transgender women in Dominican Republic: HIV, stigma, substances, and sex workBudhwani, H.; Hearld, K. R.; Butame, S. A.; Naar, S.; Tapia-Barredo, Leandro; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertJournal Article
2017Transgender women's drug use in the Dominican RepublicBudhwani, H.; Hearld, K. R.; Milner, A. N.; McGlaughlin, E.; Rodríguez-Lauzurique, Rosa Mayra; Charow, Rebecca; Rosario, Santo; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertJournal Article
2017Transgender women's experiences with stigma, trauma, and attempted suicide in the Dominican RepublicBudhwani, H.; Hearld, K. R.; Milner, A. N.; Charow, Rebecca; McGlaughlin, E.; Rodríguez-Lauzurique, Rosa Mayra; Rosario, Santo; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertJournal Article
2018Transgender women’s alcohol use and HIV high-risk behaviors in the Dominican RepublicHearld, K. R.; Budhwani, H.; Rodríguez-Lauzurique, Rosa Mayra; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertConference Paper
2021Transmisión del virus del dengue y su relación con factores climáticos durante los períodos intra e interepidémicos en Santo DomingoTapia-Barredo, Leandro; Arredondo-Abreu, César Alberto; Delgadillo, Miguel Andrés; Ruíz-Matuk, Carlos B.; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertJournal Article
2022Viral adaptation, vulnerable health care systems and health inequities: monkeypox as an emerging threat in the global health agendaPaulino-Ramírez, Robert; Ribas Freitas, A. R.Letter
2021Whole-genome sequences of SARS-CoV-2 isolates from the Dominican RepublicPaulino-Ramírez, Robert; Riego, E.; Vallejo Degaudenzi, Alejandro G.; Calderón, V. V.; Tapia-Barredo, Leandro; León, P.; Licastro, D.; Dal Monego, S.; Rajasekharan, S.; Orsini, E.; Marcello, A.Journal Article