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2019Fibrin sealant derived from human plasma as a scaffold for bone grafts associated with photobiomodulation therapyTorres Pominia, K.; Vieira Buchaim, D.; Andreo, J. C.; De Oliveira Rosso, M. P.; Botteon Della Coletta, B.; Santos Germán, Iris Jasmin; Cestari Bighetti, A. C.; Shinohara, A. L.; Rosa Júnior, G. M.; Tadashi Cosin Shindo, J. V.; Priori Alcalde, M.; Hungaro Duarte, M. A.; De Bortoli Teixeira, D.; Leone Buchaim, R.Journal Article
2019Influence of experimental alcoholism on the repair process of bone defects filled with beta-tricalcium phosphateTorres Pomini, K.; Cestari, T. M.; Santos Germán, Iris Jasmin; De Oliveira Rosso, M. P.; Barbosa de Oliveira Gonçalves, J.; Vieira Buchaim, D.; Pereira, M.; Andreo, J. C.; Rosa Júnior, G. M.; Botteon Della Coletta, B.; Tadashi Cosin Shindo, J. V.; Leone Buchaim, R.Journal Article