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2016Pain management among Dominican patients with advanced osteoarthritis: a qualitative studyYu, A.; Devine, C. A.; Kasdin, R. G.; Orizondo Biffi, Mónica M.; Perdomo Peña, Wendy C.; Davis, A. M.; Bogart, L. M.; Katz, J. N.Journal Article
2015Physical activity and experience of total knee replacement in patients one to four years postsurgery in the Dominican Republic: a qualitative studyStenquist, D.; Elman, S. A.; Davis, A. M.; Bogart, L. M.; Brownlee, S. A.; Sánchez, Edward Steve; Santiago, Adianez; Ghazinouri, R.; Katz, J. N.Journal Article
2019Strategies for managing the costs of chronic illness in the context of limited financial resources: a qualitative study in Dominican persons with arthritisNascimben, J.; Cubbison, Caroline V.; Lape, E. C.; Katz, J. N.Journal Article