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Title: Rising concerns of Mucormycosis (Zygomycosis) among COVID-19 patients; an analysis and review based on case reports in literature
Autores: Ramphul, K.
Verma, R.
Kumar, N.
Ramphul, Y.
González Mejías, Stephanie
Lohana, P.
Researchers (UNIBE): González Mejías, Stephanie 
Affiliations: Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud 
Research area: Ciencias de la Salud
Keywords: Mucormycosis; COVID-19; Fungal infection; Amphotericin B
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: L'Ateneo Parmense
Source: Acta Biomedica de l'Ateneo Parmense, 92(4), e2021271
Journal: Acta Biomedica de l'Ateneo Parmense 
Volume: 92
Issue: 4
Start page: e2021271
As the world continues to struggle with the pandemic of COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019), several cases of mucormycosis have been reported in these patients with a high mortality rate. We conducted a review of literature and found 19 articles with 20 patients who developed mucormycosis during their COVID-19 infection.14 (70%) were males, and 6(30%) were females. While their mean age was 52.2 ± 17.3, affected men were older than females. Ten (50%) patients also had diabetes. Common clinical findings included ophthalmologic complaints, fever, shortness of breath, and facial pain. Amphotericin B was the most common antifungal used and 40% of cases needed surgical management of the infection. Steroid use was reported in around 12 cases (60%). Unfortunately, the mortality rate was 65% in this group of patients. Several changes in care should be brought for a consistent prevention, early diagnosis, and strong management of mucormycosis in COVID-19 patients.
DOI: 10.23750/abm.v92i4.11787
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