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Title: Development opportunities: Politics, the State, and institutions in the Dominican Republic in the twenty-first century
Autores: Lozano, Wilfredo
Researchers (UNIBE): Lozano, Wilfredo 
Affiliations: Centro de Investigaciones y de Estudios Sociales (CIES) 
Editors: Portes, A. 
Research area: Ciencias Sociales
Keywords: Dominican Republic; National development; Global economy; National economy; Health institutions; Internal taxation system; Globalization
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: University of California Press
Source: En: Institutions count: Their role and significance in Latin American development (University of California Press), 113-129
Related Publication(s): Institutions count: Their role and significance in Latin American development
Start page: 113
End page: 129
This chapter discusses the institutions and development in the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican case, the institutions studied were civil aviation, the postal service, the public health system, and the internal taxation system. In addition to being exposed to the currents of global changes, the institutions under consideration represent fundamental axes for national development. Thus, civil aviation is key to the articulation of the country with the global economy, internal taxes define the potential for the generation of financial capacity for development of the national economy, and the health institutions are a cornerstone of the welfare of the population. Meanwhile, the postal service is a traditional institution undergoing a profound transformation in the new framework of globalization.
ISBN: 9780520954069
DOI: 10.1525/california/9780520273535.003.0006
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