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Title: Creating sustainable value in the hospitality industry: a (critical) multi-stakeholder study in the Dominican Republic
Autores: Pérez-Pineda, F.
Alcaraz, J. M.
Colón, Carlos
Researchers (UNIBE): Colón, Carlos 
Affiliations: Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Sociales 
Research area: Ciencias Sociales
Keywords: Sustainable value framework; Critical management studies; Hospitality industry; Stakeholders; Mixed-methods research; Dominican Republic
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Ltd.
Source: Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 25(11), 1633-1649
Journal: Journal of Sustainable Tourism 
Volume: 25
Issue: 11
Start page: 1633
End page: 1649
This paper identifies sustainable initiatives reported by “sustainability-champion” hotels in the Dominican Republic, while contrasting them against the views of key stakeholders. We adapt and apply Hart and Milstein's Sustainable Value Framework, and complement it with a Critical Management Studies approach. Our analysis relies on a mixed-methods approach (non-hierarchical k-means cluster analysis, as well as thematic and content analysis). Findings indicate that most hotels are engaging more actively in present-oriented strategies such as pollution prevention (especially, the international hotels) and in product/service stewardship. However, in the future-oriented strategies, hotels owned by local investors show higher commitment to both clean technology and innovation, and to the sustainability vision (as the firm's growth path). In addition, although the views of multiple stakeholders show a clear acknowledgment of the hospitality industry's sustainability efforts (particularly regarding education and environmental protection), they also offer differing views about the ultimate impact and value of those efforts for them and for the broader society. Our study offers a new theoretical lens to explore multi-stakeholder approaches and offers practical implications for the Dominican Republic's National Strategy for Development 2010–2030, as well as implications that may be of use for other tourism-dependent countries.
DOI: 10.1080/09669582.2017.1297451
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