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Title: Specific neutralizing antibody detection against chikungunya virus in HIV-positive and HIV-negative individuals, Dominican Republic 2014 [poster]
Autores: Lockhart, Paola
Gómez, Natalia
Puello, A.
Paulino-Ramírez, Robert
Researchers (UNIBE): Lockhart, Paola 
Gómez, Natalia 
Paulino-Ramírez, Robert 
Affiliations: Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud 
Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud 
Instituto de Medicina Tropical y Salud Global (IMTSAG) 
Research area: Ciencias de la Salud
Keywords: Chikungunya Virus; Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
Issue Date: 2015
Source: HIV Drug Therapy in the Americas, 2015 (P3)
Conference: HIV Drug Therapy in the Americas (2015)
In April 2013, the Dominican Republic Ministry of Health confirmed the first autochthonous transmission of Chikungunya Virus (CHIKV). In 2014, EW51 recorded 537 628 suspected and 84 confirmed cases. The PAHO/WHO defined a confirmed case such as a suspected case with any positive specific CHIKV test (viral isolation, RT-PCR, IgM, or four-fold increase of CHIKV specific antibodies titters). The objective of this study was to measure the presence of IgM-specific neutralizing antibodies among HIV (+) individuals after clinical onset of symptoms during the 2014 outbreak in the Dominican Republic.
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