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2021Cariology consensus for undergraduates at dental schools in the Caribbean regionAbreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Grau-Grullón, Patricia; Naidu, R.; García-Godoy, F.; Newton, J. T.; Ekstrand, K. R.; Pitts, N. B.; López del Valle, L. M.; Féliz-Matos, Leandro; Rivera, Y.; González, R. F.; Rajendra Santosh, A. B.; Morou-Bermúdez, E.; Jácome-Liévano, S.; Martignon, S.Journal Article
2022How do dental practitioners, educators and students diagnose and manage caries risk and caries lesions? A COM-B analysisAbreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Newton, J. T.; Ávila, V.; Garrido, L. E.; Jácome-Liévano, S.; Pitts, N. B.; Ekstrand, K. R.; Ochoa, E. M.; Martignon, S.Journal Article
2021ICCMS™ root caries lesions stages and their underlying depth towards the pulp: an in vitro study with histologic evaluationEkstrand, K. R.; Cordeschi, Thais; Abreu-Placeres, NinoskaJournal Article
2020The impact of a national caries strategy in Greenland 10 years after implementation. A failure or a success?Ekstrand, K. R.; Abreu-Placeres, NinoskaJournal Article
2018Understanding dentists’ caries management: The COM-B ICCMS™ questionnaireAbreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Newton, J. T.; Pitts, N. B.; Garrido, Luis Eduardo; Ekstrand, K. R.; Ávila, V.; Martignon, S.Journal Article
2021Validación intercultural del cuestionario COM-B ICCMS™Abreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Yunes Fragoso, Paula M.; Martignon, S.; Ávila, V.; Newton, J. T.; Pitts, N.; Ekstrand, K. R.; Garrido, Luis EduardoConference Paper
2017Who is using ICCMS : A comparison between students, teachers, and clinicians [conference paper abstract]Abreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Newton, J. T.; Pitts, N.; Ekstrand, K. R.; Ávila, V.; Jácome, S.; Restrepo, L. F.; Ochoa, E. M.; Ramírez, S.; Martignon, S.Conference Paper