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2018Excess mortality and causes associated with chikungunya, Puerto Rico, 2014–2015Ribas Freitas, A. R.; Donalisio, M. R.; Alarcón-Elbal, Pedro MaríaJournal Article
2018Excess mortality in Guadeloupe and Martinique, islands of the French West Indies, during the chikungunya epidemic of 2014Ribas Freitas, A. R.; Alarcón-Elbal, Pedro María; Donalisio, M. R.Journal Article
2018Excess mortality profile during the Asian genotype chikungunya epidemic in the Dominican Republic, 2014Ribas Freitas, A. R.; Alarcón-Elbal, Pedro María; Paulino-Ramírez, Robert; Donalisio, M. R.Journal Article
2018Spread, circulation and predominance of chikungunya virus East/Central/South African genotype in Northeast and Southeast BrazilRibas Freitas, A. R.; Paulino-Ramírez, Robert; Nogueira Angerami, R.; Alarcón-Elbal, Pedro MaríaPreprint