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12020Lights out! The body needs sleep: electronic devices and sleep deficiencyTsouklidis, N.; Tallaj, N.; Tallaj Sánchez, Yinabeth; Heindl, S. E.Journal Article
22021Peripheral artery disease as a risk factor for myocardial infarctionPérez Mejias, E. L.; Mateo Faxas, S.; Tejeda Taveras, Nicole; Subhan Talpur, A.; Kumar, J.; Khalid, M; Aruwani, S. K.; Dua Khalid, D.; Khalid, H.; Memon, S.Journal Article
32021Pulmonary manifestations of inflammatory bowel diseaseTejeda Taveras, Nicole; Rivera Martínez, Arlenys; Kumar, R.; Jamil, A.; Kumar, B.Journal Article