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12022Reading comprehension precursors: Evidence of the simple view of reading in a transparent orthographySánchez-Vincitore, Laura, V.; Veras-Díaz, Cledenin; Mencía-Ripley, Aída; Ruiz-Matuk, Carlos B.; Cubilla-Bonnetier, DanielJournal Article
22023Unequal literacy development and access to online education in public versus private Panamanian schools during COVID-19 pandemicCubilla-Bonnetier, Daniel; Grajales-Barrios, M.; Ortega-Espinosa, A.; Puertas, L.; de León Sautú, N.Journal Article
32023Validation of the Dominican system for measuring early childhood development [preprint]Sánchez-Vincitore, Laura V.; Alonso Pellerano, M. A.; Valdez, M. E.; Jiménez, A. S.; Ruiz-Matuk, Carlos B.; Castro, A.; Díaz, F.; Cubilla-Bonnetier, DanielPreprint