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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12016Bacterial molecular characterization in intraoral appliances: Its role in oral pathogenicity and immunity [poster]Féliz-Matos, Leandro; Hernández, Luis Miguel; Paulino-Ramírez, RobertConference Poster
22021Cariology consensus for undergraduates at dental schools in the Caribbean regionAbreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Grau-Grullón, Patricia; Naidu, R.; García-Godoy, F.; Newton, J. T.; Ekstrand, K. R.; Pitts, N. B.; López del Valle, L. M.; Féliz-Matos, Leandro; Rivera, Y.; González, R. F.; Rajendra Santosh, A. B.; Morou-Bermúdez, E.; Jácome-Liévano, S.; Martignon, S.Journal Article
32013Coronal microleakage of 3 temporary filling materials used for endodontic treatment: an in vitro studyFéliz-Matos, Leandro; De los Santos Rodríguez, Indira; Rodríguez González, Mally Luz; Pereyra-Guerrero, Dulce; Monzón Vélez, Erick R.Journal Article
42017Cross-cultural validation of the scale of oral health-related outcomes for 5-year-old-children with a low-income sample from the Dominican RepublicAbreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Garrido, Luis Eduardo; Féliz-Matos, LeandroJournal Article
52014Dental bleaching techniques; hydrogen-carbamide peroxides and light sources for activation, an update. Mini review articleFéliz-Matos, Leandro; Hernández, Luis Miguel; Abreu-Placeres, NinoskaReview Article
62018Dental research: International research collaborationSantosh, A. B. R.; Collins, J,; Féliz-Matos, Leandro; Abreu-Placeres, NinoskaLetter to the Editor
72023Dental sensitivity in tooth whitening and its relationship to peroxides concentrations: a cross-sectional retrospective studyFéliz-Matos, Leandro; Yunes Fragoso, Paula M.Journal Article
82019Does applying fluoride varnish every three months better prevent caries lesions in erupting first permanent molars? A randomised clinical trialAbreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Garrido, L. E.; Castillo-Jáquez, Isaury; Féliz-Matos, LeandroJournal Article
92019Evaluation of in-office vital tooth whitening combined with different concentrations of at-home peroxides: a randomized double-blind clinical trialFéliz-Matos, Leandro; Abreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Hernández, Luis Miguel; Ruiz-Matuk, Carlos B.; Grau-Grullón, PatriciaJournal Article
102013Growth of microorganisms on patients with dentures: In vivo study [abstract]Feliz-Matos, Leandro; Pilier Calderón, Mary C.; De León Laura; Trinidad, Melania; Suazo, ManuelConference Paper
112023Improving satisfaction of non-English-speaking dental students using the electronic dental recordFéliz-Matos, LeandroDoctoral Thesis
122018Motivational interview of patients with fixed orthodontic appliances: case series [abstract]Adames-Vargas, Henry A.; Féliz-Matos, Leandro; Hernández, Luis MiguelConference Paper
132017Perno intrarradicular AnclaFeliz Matos, Leandro; Mancebo-Pacheco, Elvin; Pereyra-Guerrero, DulcePatent
142015Le point sur les techniques de blanchiment dentaire et les sources de lumière activant les peroxydes d’hydrogène et de carbamide. Mini article de synthèseFéliz-Matos, Leandro; Hernández, Luis Miguel; Abreu-Placeres, NinoskaReview Article
152014Prevalencia de lesiones de caries en primeros molares permanentes en pacientes infantiles de UNIBEAbreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Yeara, Jessica; Sapeg, Gisela; Féliz-Matos, LeandroJournal Article
162021Psychological responses to the COVID-19 outbreak are related to trust in public institutions: Implications for management of emerging infectious diseasesMencía-Ripley, Aída; Paulino-Ramírez, Robert; Féliz-Matos, Leandro; Ruiz-Matuk, Carlos B.; Sánchez-Vincitore, Laura V.Journal Article
172015Psychometric properties and criterion validity of a Spanish version of the Scale of Oral Health Outcomes for 5-year-old children (SOHO-5) for a public school sample from the Dominican Republic [abstract]Abreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Garrido, Luis Eduardo; Castillo-Jáquez, Isaury; Féliz-Matos, LeandroConference Paper
182017Resistance of endodontically treated premolars restored with bulk-fill composites [abstract]Bergés Abreu, Nicole M.; Galván Santoni, Jafrayra; Hernández-José, Angely; Mancebo-Pacheco, Elvin; Féliz-Matos, LeandroConference Paper
192021Risk factors associated with preterm birth in the Dominican Republic: a case-control studyDíaz-Rodríguez, Agustín; Féliz-Matos, Leandro; Ruiz-Matuk, Carlos B.Journal Article
202021Rol de la academia en la respuesta a crisis sanitarias: estudio de caso de UNIBEMencía-Ripley, Aída; Paulino-Ramírez, Robert; Féliz-Matos, LeandroConference Paper