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2023An interdisciplinary intervention program to prevent early childhood caries in the Dominican RepublicAbreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Ekstrand, K. R.; Garrido, L. E.; Bakhshandeh, A.; Martignon, S.Journal Article
2021CariesCare International adapted for the pandemic in children: Caries OUT multicentre single-group interventional study protocolMartignon, S.; Cortes, A.; Douglas, G.; Newton, J. T.; Pitts, N. B.; Ávila, V.; Usuga-Vacca, M.; Gamboa, L. F.; Deery, C.; Abreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Bonifacio, C.; Braga, M. M.; Carletto-Körber, F.; Castro, P.; Cerezo, M. P.; Chavarría, N.; Cifuentes, O. L.; Echeverri, B.; Jácome-Liévano, S.; Kuzmina, I.; Lara, J. S.; Manton, D.; Martínez-Mier, E. A.; Melo, P.; Muller-Bolla, M.; Ochoa, E. M.; Osorio, J. R.; Ramos, K.; Sanabria, A. F.; Sanjuán, J.; San-Martín, M.; Squassi, A.; Velasco, A. K.; Villena, R.; Zandona, A. F.; Beltrán, E. O.Journal Article
2021Cariology consensus for undergraduates at dental schools in the Caribbean regionAbreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Grau-Grullón, Patricia; Naidu, R.; García-Godoy, F.; Newton, J. T.; Ekstrand, K. R.; Pitts, N. B.; López del Valle, L. M.; Féliz-Matos, Leandro; Rivera, Y.; González, R. F.; Rajendra Santosh, A. B.; Morou-Bermúdez, E.; Jácome-Liévano, S.; Martignon, S.Journal Article
2023Core cariology curriculum framework in Spanish for Latin American dental schools : development and consensusMartignon, S.; Cortes, A.; Ávila, V.; Velasco, K.; Abreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Aranguiz, V.; Bullen, M.; Giacaman, R.; Malheiros, Z.; Pozos-Guillén, A.; Sampaio, F.; Fernández, C. E.; García, M.; González-Montero, M.; Gudiño-Fernández, S.; Neves Hugo, F.; Pardo-Silva, M. I.; Salazar, L.; Squassi, A.; Lucía Zarta, O. L.; Stewart, B.; Jácome-Liévano, S.Journal Article
2017Cross-cultural validation of the scale of oral health-related outcomes for 5-year-old-children with a low-income sample from the Dominican RepublicAbreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Garrido, Luis Eduardo; Féliz-Matos, LeandroJournal Article
2014Dental bleaching techniques; hydrogen-carbamide peroxides and light sources for activation, an update. Mini review articleFéliz-Matos, Leandro; Hernández, Luis Miguel; Abreu-Placeres, NinoskaReview Article
2021Dental caries experience and its impact on quality of life in Latin American and Caribbean countriesPaiva, S. M.; Abreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Irigoyen Camacho, M. E.; Frías, A. C.; Tello, G.; França Perazzo, M. F.; Pucca-Júnior, G. A.Review Article
2018Dental research: International research collaborationSantosh, A. B. R.; Collins, J,; Féliz-Matos, Leandro; Abreu-Placeres, NinoskaLetter to the Editor
2019Does applying fluoride varnish every three months better prevent caries lesions in erupting first permanent molars? A randomised clinical trialAbreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Garrido, L. E.; Castillo-Jáquez, Isaury; Féliz-Matos, LeandroJournal Article
2019Evaluation of in-office vital tooth whitening combined with different concentrations of at-home peroxides: a randomized double-blind clinical trialFéliz-Matos, Leandro; Abreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Hernández, Luis Miguel; Ruiz-Matuk, Carlos B.; Grau-Grullón, PatriciaJournal Article
2023Evidence-based systemic antibiotic prescription in periodontal and dental implant procedures : a mini-reviewYunes Fragoso, Paula M.; Abreu-Placeres, NinoskaReview Article
2024How did CariesCare International performed under pandemic conditions in children: 1-year multicenter single-group interventional studyMartignon, S.; Beltrán, E. O.; Douglas, G. V. A.; Newton, J. T.; Pitts, N. B.; Deery, C.; Carletto‐Körber, F. P. M.; Cifuentes, O. L.; Fortich, N.; Chavarria, N.; Echeverri, B.; Kuzmina, I.; Muller‐Bolla, M.; Osorio, J. R.; Ramos, K.; Sanjuán, J.; San-Martín, M.; Aldo Squassi; Villena, R.; Aïem, E.; Cáceres-Matta, S.; Marcela Carreño, L.; Cerezo, M. P.; Conrado, A.; Hermida, L.; Llamas, J. I.; Oña, J. A.; Sanabria, A.; Said, D.; Sarrazola, A.; Sorazabal, A.; Zelada, D.; Abreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Braga, M. M.; Lara, J. S.; Melo, P.; Areias, C.; Falabello de Luca, A. C.; Rubi Tello, A.; Yunes Fragoso, Paula M.; Martínez-Mier, E. A.; Ferreira Zandona, A.; Cortes, A.Preprint
2022How do dental practitioners, educators and students diagnose and manage caries risk and caries lesions? A COM-B analysisAbreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Newton, J. T.; Ávila, V.; Garrido, L. E.; Jácome-Liévano, S.; Pitts, N. B.; Ekstrand, K. R.; Ochoa, E. M.; Martignon, S.Journal Article
2021ICCMS™ root caries lesions stages and their underlying depth towards the pulp: an in vitro study with histologic evaluationEkstrand, K. R.; Cordeschi, Thais; Abreu-Placeres, NinoskaJournal Article
2020The impact of a national caries strategy in Greenland 10 years after implementation. A failure or a success?Ekstrand, K. R.; Abreu-Placeres, NinoskaJournal Article
2015Le point sur les techniques de blanchiment dentaire et les sources de lumière activant les peroxydes d’hydrogène et de carbamide. Mini article de synthèseFéliz-Matos, Leandro; Hernández, Luis Miguel; Abreu-Placeres, NinoskaReview Article
2014Prevalencia de lesiones de caries en primeros molares permanentes en pacientes infantiles de UNIBEAbreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Yeara, Jessica; Sapeg, Gisela; Féliz-Matos, LeandroJournal Article
2015Psychometric properties and criterion validity of a Spanish version of the Scale of Oral Health Outcomes for 5-year-old children (SOHO-5) for a public school sample from the Dominican Republic [abstract]Abreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Garrido, Luis Eduardo; Castillo-Jáquez, Isaury; Féliz-Matos, LeandroConference Paper
2020Rubber Dam Isolation Survey (RDIS) for adhesive restorative treatmentsAbreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Yunes Fragoso, Paula M.; Cruz Aponte, P.; Garrido, L. E.Journal Article
2023Situational diagnosis of policies in Latin American and Caribbean countries for the use of fluoride and reduction of sugar consumptionPaiva, S. M.; Prado, I. M.; Perazzo, M. F.; Guarnizo-Herreño, C. C.; Acevedo, A. M.; Castillo, J. L.; Abreu-Placeres, Ninoska; Giacaman, R.; Ricomini Filho, A. P.; Martignon, S.; Malheiros, Z.; Stewart, B.; Bönecker, M.Journal Article